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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Focus on Core Business

The Client can focus on core business, and leave Human Resource Functions to Modulent


Scalable, flexible and versatile service offerings


We are experts in the field with vast experience and expertise across industries

Cost Effective

Cost effective service offering as compared to the in-house option


Access to specialists across the HR value chain, more than the daily HR operations

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk of non-compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment

Partial HR Outsourcing

This is a more cost-effective model for smaller businesses or businesses that don’t require a full suite of HR services. In this model, we can allocate a HR generalist resource part-time, e.g. 2-3 days a week to your business that can operate on, or off site to deliver a full scale or mutually agreed set of services. Specialised advice and support from our central team for specific areas of expertise is also available.

  • Partial HR Outsourcing
  • From R 7 500
    • Any combination of services under the fully embedded outsourcing service
    • Can be provided on a full-time or part-time basis depending on requirements

Fully Embedded HR Outsourcing

In this model, we become an extension of your business and provide a full HR service. We can place a HR generalist resource dedicated to your business that can operate on, or off site depending on your needs. In addition, we also provide specialist advice and support from our central team for specific areas of expertise.

  • Fully embedded HR Outsourcing
  • From R 40 000
  • Full HR services based on your requirement.

Ad Hoc / Advisory Services

We also offer a full suite of HR Advisory services for small, medium and large corporates where we design, implement and manage HR related projects of all sizes. These services are scoped and costed on a case by case basis.

  • Ad Hoc / Advisory Services
  • From R 500
    per hour

    • Recruitment agency search and placements
    • Pre-employment verification checks, e.g. credit, criminal, qualifications, etc
    • Pre-employment questionnaire and polygraph reports
    • Psychometric assessments and profiles


    • Dealing with labour relations issues, e.g. disciplinaries, grievances, CCMA cases, etc.
    • Policy audit / policy development / compliance checks
    • Incident related polygraph services


    • Workshop facilitation
    • Short training courses
    • Blended learning leadership development courses
    • Team building interventions and events


    • Process re-engineering
    • Organisational design & development
    • Performance management design & implementation
    • Project management
    • Change Management

Retainer Services

Some of our clients have specific requirements where only specialist expertise, advice or services are required, e.g. Labour Relations, Statutory Reporting, etc. In these cases, there is the option to enter into a retainer agreement regulated by a service level agreement.

  • Retainer Services
  • From R 500
    per hour
    • Specialist Human Resource Management Advice
    • Specialist Labour Relations Advice
    • Employment equity plans and reporting
    • Workplace skills plan development and reporting